Cheers to the future!

If I have learned anything the past couple years, it's that getting into the music industry to become "famous" can tear your happiness and character to shreds. My dear friends, glory and fame only last as long as those who care to keep you in that light, and I've found that being remembered for one's good works and integrity, is far more important than superficial adoration or fame.

I'm doing music because it's therapeutic for me. At least, that's why I started singing and writing in the first place. Why else would I write about going to balls or visiting gypsy caravans? It was a way for me to escape. Instead of turning to drugs or excessive alcohol abuse, I wrote about places and people I wanted to meet or aspire to be. People of honor, (Irena's Lullaby) characters that inspired confidence and power, (Cimmerian), or romantic atmospheres that could possibly exist outside of my mind (Palm Reader, Golden Room). Over time, I began to get more autobiographical, and that inspired courage in itself.

Telling stories, whether they be autobiographical or not, and performing them, is something that has always been healing for me. I am grateful for the opportunities I've had to inspire others, in the way that other artists have inspired me, especially in my darkest moments. (I'm looking at you Dan Reynolds.)

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Cheers to the future, my Lunas!

- Anna Madsen